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Open Government Partnership – The Case for Nepal

We are pleased to share a new briefing, ' Open Government Partnership – The Case for Nepal'. Around the world governments are taking important steps to promote more open, accountable and responsive governance. A global initiative that is supporting this trend is called the 'Open Government Partnership' (OGP). The OGP has supported 70 countries, both in the developed and developing world, to implement plans, policies and practices that support government openness. Nepal is not currently a member of the OGP but is eligible to join.

What is Open Government Data and how does it align with Right To Information-here's your guide!

We are pleased to share a new briefing on 'Open Government Data in Nepal'. Open Government Data is the concept of publicly and systematically sharing data from government in a format that enables it to be downloaded, analysed and used by a country’s citizens.  In many countries open government data has enabled citizens to better understand policies that have been enacted, engage with government decision-making, and hold the legislative accountable.

Using hydrological data to reduce disaster risk and enhance community resilience in Nepal

This is second in series of blogs looking at the use of data by government actors to solve development problems in Nepal. This post was first published in Development Initiatives blog section.

Rajendra Sharma is a Senior Hydrologist at the Government of Nepal’s Department of Hydrology and Meteorology. He monitors real-time data on rainfall and river water levels to assess the risk of floods and landslides.

Exploring civil society data and citizen-generated data on gender issues in Nepal

"Advocacy for women's rights has always been based on stories and anecdotes, but now with data women can say 'we count' and inform the world 'how we count'. Citizen-generate data is a power of democracy", said Wenny Kusuma, UN Women Country Representative to Nepal.

Sharing government data in Nepal-Recommendations from those inside government

This blog was first published in Development Initiatives Data Blog

Last week we shared some recommendations from the civil society on improving sharing of government data in Nepal. We are pleased to annouce the second in our series of blogs about government data sharing which includes the views of those inside government. 

Recommendations from those inside government

By Joshua Leslie