By: Joshua Leslie Sherchand On: 17 March, 2015

“Once data is open to the general public, it helps sidestep the waste, corruption and inefficiency”

Dr. Swarnim Wagle, Member of the National Planning Commission (NPC), expounded the importance of open data during the opening ceremony of the Open Data Day in Kathmandu, Nepal. He stressed how no one should have a monopoly over data, and that it should be free and available to use for public consumption. Increasing the availability and accessibility of data will bring different government services to the people.

By: Bibhusan Bista On: 10 March, 2015

This blog post by Bibhusan Bista, Chief Executive Officer of Young Innovations was originally published in Development Initiatives website.

An initiative on open data for transparency and civic participation in Nepal


By: Open Nepal On: 09 March, 2015

This post by Anna van Schiewas was originally published in Development Gateway's Blogs.

This post continues coverage of breakout sessions held at the 7th Annual Aid Management program Good Practices Workshop in Kathmandu, Nepal.

By: Gyanu Adhikari On: 06 March, 2015

In the last three months, I’ve been a student of “data journalism” - a form of journalism that is the product of the Internet age and the vast amount of data it generates and makes accessible. To be sure, journalism has always been driven by information derived from data, but data journalism promised something more: stories based on machine-readable, structured datasets, with the information in them extracted using software and visualized in novel ways.

By: Pavitra Rana On: 02 March, 2015

Last week we celebrated Open Day 2015 in Kathmandu with great enthusiasm. The day long celebration was a full platter of events, including a hackathon, mapathon, talk sessions, discussion roundtable, theatrical play and a showcasing of initiatives.

 Take a look at the Open Data Day 2015 video below for the flavour of the day!

By: Pavitra Rana On: 02 March, 2015

Open Data Day this year presented a new experience for the participants. Previously, Open Data Days have highlighted the benefits of open data through technical events – for example, using data in hackathons and creating data in mapathons. This year, in addition to these tech events, we also had something very non-technical to engage a broader audience with the role and potential of open data.

By: Joshua Leslie Sherchand On: 25 February, 2015

At an international level we are hearing the term “Open Government Partnership” (OGP) increasingly mentioned. In Nepal, this is also becoming an increasingly discussed subject.

By: Anubhuti Poudyal On: 21 February, 2015

Open Data Day 2015 has kicked off in Kathmandu and we are more than excited about the overwhelming participation. We are here at Deerwalk Complex, Sifal at the end of the formal program. The event saw representatives from the government and members of organizations currently working on promoting Open Data in Nepal sharing ideas on the significance of Open Data.

By: Open Nepal On: 19 February, 2015

Open Nepal is pleased to announce the third in our series of profiles about Nepal’s Data Champions.  A PDF version of this profile can be downloaded here. If you would like to nominate a Data Champion please get in touch at

Empowering citizens to monitor local development projects and use evidence as a lever for change.

By: Open Knowledge Foundation On: 16 February, 2015

This is a guest post by Zara Rahman, Lead, Open Development Toolkit. It was originally posted on Open Knowledge Foundation Blog.

As the Open Development Toolkit project draws to a close, here are some lessons learned from the last 12 months.