A Guide to Post Disaster Surveying

In response to the April 25th, 2015 earthquake in Nepal an“Inter-Agency Common Feedback Project” was established. This aimed to ensure affected people had adequate access to information on the nature and logistics of the response intended to support them, and that systematic mechanismswere in place to collect feedback from affected communities to inform decision-making about the humanitarian response.

As part of this, a survey was developed by Accountability Labs, Local Interventions Group and Ground Truth Solutions to track citizen perceptions of needs following the earthquake and of the delivery and effectiveness of aid. Using an understanding of the local context, Open Nepal supported the development of the survey questions, methodology, analysis and data architecture, while also documenting lessons learned throughout the process. 

The findings of this survey were released as open data through the Open Nepal open data portal. This report shares the insights gained from the experience with the intention of guiding future post-disaster efforts to survey citizen perceptions.