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Aid Management Platform

Nepal's Aid Management Platform (AMP) is hosted by the International Economic Cooperation and Coordination Division of the Ministry of Finance. This website provides the public with the access to information on all donor-funded development projects in Nepal, allowing them to find out what development partners are working on and what is being achieved. It also contains profiles of donors, an interactive map of project locations and in-depth reports on a wide range of aid trends. The Government uses the AMP as an integral part of its public financial management system.

Data shared: foreign aid data and development project data

Central Bureau of Statistics Data Catalog

This platform lists details of the various official surveys undertaken by the Central Bureau of Statistics. The data itself is not accessible via this portal, however, a log-in and request functionality has been built into the portal.

Data Shared: data on official surveys


Db2Map is an online platform developed by Digital Data System for Development that integrates multiple sources of data and information inclusive of the government statistical data, spatial data, scientific output data, ancillary and field level data and crowd-sourced data. The portal aims to reduce the lack of access to information and provide public with the right analytical and communication tools.

Data shared: agriculture data, climate data, demographic data, disaster data, economy data, education data, energy data, forestry data, health data, infrastructure data, violence and human rights data, geo-spatial data.

Demographic Dynamics of Nepal

The Digital Data System for Development (DDS4D) has developed a population dynamic model (2011 - 2031) projecting demography till the year 2031 with the following demographic modelling variables: population, births, deaths, migration flows, dependency and aging, health targets. This portal provides with the datasets and analysis derived from the population dynamic model. 

Data Shared: Demographic data, Health data 

Earthquake Response Transparency Portal

The Earthquake Response Portal is an online platform developed by Young Innovations under the Open Nepal banner to track national and international financial flows of funds during the 2015 earthquake, and provide data on how these funds were used for relief and reconstruction activities.

Housing Recovery and Reconstruction Platform

The Housing Recovery and Reconstruction Platform an online platform that publically provides data on housing reconstruction efforts, inclusive of information on what housing reconstruction activities are being undertaken or planned, where the activities are taking place and who is undertaking these activities. The platform also provides analysis of the data in the form of maps and infographics. It was established to support the National Reconstruction Authority, Ministry of Urban Development, and Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development, Central Level Programme Implementation Units, other relevant government authorities, and Partner Organisations with coordination of the post-earthquake housing reconstruction.

Data shared: reconstruction aid data and development project data

Hydropower Portal

Developed together by Niti Foundation and Naxa, the Hydropower Portal contains hydropower related development data, ensuring the availability and accessibility of such data to the public and important stakeholders. It provides with all the statistics related with the hydropower numbering including filters for accessing specific data as per provinces, districts, or local governments. 

Data Shared: Hydropower Data 

Nepal Disability Data Portal

The Nepal Disability Data Portal, created by the National Federation of the Disabled Nepal, hosts disability-related datasets in open format and qualitative information and research studies related to disability in Nepal. The platform is open for anybody to publish valid datasets related to disability, and has been developed with best practice and accessibility principles, specifically designed to be user-friendly for people with disabilities. 

Data Shared: Data on Disability in Nepal 

Nepal Earthquake Housing Reconstruction Survey Data Portal

The 2015 Nepal Earthquake Open Data Portal is an online platform where data from the survey of housing reconstruction needs after the earthquake is made openly available online. The portal is hosted by the National Planning Commission of Nepal. The website presents the survey data from the Household Registration for Housing Reconstruction Program survey in an interactive way through the use of maps and charts, also allowing users to compare the data of a single district with others.

Data shared: demographic data, household statistics, household resources data, building statistics, earthquake impact data.

Nepal In Data

Nepal in Data (NiD) is an open data and statistics portal developed by Bikas Udhyami, a social innovation hub, to make development data and statistics on Nepal from 1950 to present available and accessible to wide audience. The portal aims to serve as a single point of entry from where users can access, interact with, compare and use data and statistics relating to different aspects of Nepal’s development.

Data shared: agriculture and land data; aid and civil society data; economy, market and finance data; energy and environment data; industry data, infrastructure, communication, and technology data; law and justice data; millennium development goals data; public finance data; public service data; social and human development data; state and politics data; sustainable development goals data.

Nepal Map

NepalMap is a portal developed by Code for Nepal that uses data from the Central Bureau of Statistics, and other official sources, to create user-friendly data visualizations on key demographic issues. It allows you to embed, access or download the data while also allowing you to compare any two areas side-by-side.

Data shared: demographic data, human development data, elections data, education data, health data, household data, business data, agriculture data, forest and land use data, disaster data, development data.

Nepal Mausam

Nepal Mausam - the Nepal Weather Data Portal, developed by Rooster Logic, provides weather data from cost-effective weather sensors in six locations of Nepal – Ghattekulo, Gairidhara, Tangal in Kathmandu; Panauti and Kuntabesi in Kavre, Patan in Lalitpur, and, Sindhupalchok. The data is inclusive of temperature, wind speed, humidity, and rainfall. 

Data Shared: Weather Data

Nepal Monitor

Nepal Monitor is a system designed to alert local organizations to human rights and security incidents happening in their area, as well allow anyone to easily share incidents they see with local, national, and international organizations. The portal maps reports from media, collected by large reputable organizations, or sent directly by individuals. 

Data Shared: Human Rights 

Nepal Open Taxation Data

This Nepal Open Taxation Data portal, developed by LSP Associates, contains government published taxation related datasets of Nepal. The portal aims to provide a single platform to users to search, access, interact, compare and reuse taxation datasets. 

Data Shared: Taxation and Revenue Data


NepStat database, developed by Institute for Integrated Development Studies, provides the general public with open access to Nepal time series data. Currently, most of the data on the portal are related to Economics, Banking and Finance.In addition to downloading data, the users can also create, download, and share data visualizations, embed data visualizations in their website or blog, and compare data visualizations for up to five-time series data. 

Data Shared: Economics, Banking and Finance, Agriculture, Environment, Health, Education, Tourism, Insurance, Transportation

Open Data Nepal Portal

Open Data Nepal is a civil society initiative which aims to make Nepal's data permanently accessible online. It was developed by Open Knowledge Nepal. The available data in the portal can be used, reused and redistributed by users. Users can explore, download, use, suggest & publish datasets without any legal and technical restriction.

Data shared: agriculture data, education data, finance data, health data, legislative data, travel and tourism data, aid data, census data, development data, geo data, energy and water resources data, and government and administration data.

Open Nepal Data Portal

Set up in 2012 as a proof of concept to demonstrate the technicalities, practicalities and use of open data, the Open Nepal Portal was Nepal’s first open data portal. It laid the groundwork for later portals aimed at sharing open data in Nepal and gave many in Nepal their first experience of open data.  

Data shared:  agriculture data, census data, climate change data, development data, disaster data, economic data, education data, election data, energy data, foreign aid data, geographic data, government and civil society data, health data, infrastructure data, NGO/INGO data, poverty data, tourism data, water & sanitation data, weather data.


OpenStreetMap is an online platform that provides a free editable map of the world through data that is collected by the community of mappers about roads, trails, cafés, railway stations, and much more, all over the world. The data available on OSM can be used by anyone for any purpose as long as OSM and its contributors are credited.

Data shared: geospatial data

Prepare Pokhara

Prepare Pokhara is an application created by Kathmandu Living Labs to produce robust geospatial data for Pokhara for the past one and a half years. It is hoped that the critical infrastructure information made open through Prepare Pokhara plays an integral part in keeping the city safe.

Data shared: geospatial data

Public Procurement Transparency Portal

The Public Procurement Transparency Portal, managed by the Public Procurement Monitoring Office, allows public access to government procurement data. The portal shares open data related to the phases of procurement including details of tenders, procuring entities, bidders and bids. In future, as well as data on procurement planning and tenders, the portal shall have data on successful bids, contracts and implementation.

Data shared: public procurement data

World Bank Data Catalog – Nepal

The World Bank Catalog is an online data portal that contains all of the available World Bank datasets inclusive of microdata, geo-spatial data, time series data, and so on. The catalog lists all the open data, as well as publicly available data disseminated through World Bank sites, which may have some restrictions on use. Each of the listings includes a description of the data set and a direct link to that set.

Data shared: survey data